JNUS, with the support of BRAC and AustralianAid, has been implementing this project since July 2020. The project has four components: GBV, Capacity Building, Social Cohesion and Gender Mainstreaming and Disability Inclusion. The activities under GBV component include, the formation of women groups; organizing livelihood training, developing rapport with the standing committees at Union Level on women affairs, and finally administering research to explore the role of women to promote safety and security at the community level.

The capacity building component includes, training on peaceful use of social media, livelihood and GBV to increase the capacity of the women groups and formation of networks. The third component “Social Cohesion” includes activities related to peace dialogues with community people, awareness campaigns and screening events using video content. The final component on disability inclusion contributed to the preparation of a comprehensive list of persons with disabilities undertaking household visits. In addition, regular psychosocial counselling services are  provided to the disable persons and their families and finally awareness campaigns are organized across educational institutions to sensitize them about the rights of persons with disabilities.