JNUS has been implementing the second phase (July 2020 – June 2021) of “Women in Building Social Cohesion in Cox’s Bazar” project funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) at Rohingya Refugee Camp- 9, Camp- 26 and Camp -27 and surrounding host communities.  Some influential women have been selected from the host community, who will act as animators to initiate discussions and dialogues with the women in the Rohingya refugee camps. They are provided with leadership and life skill training and which are further transferred to other women members of both communities through group formation and discussion approach. The trained and skilled women play a key role in organizing the peace dialogue within their own community and opinion exchanging sessions across the communities. The project empowered them to get engaged with a wide range of stakeholders especially the youth and the community leaders who are the gatekeepers to the Rohingya Refugee camps and host communities. Thirteen forums, comprising influential women, twenty in each, have been formed under this project, out of which seven have been organized in the refugee camps and the rest of the groups are active in the host community.